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Our Vision

A center for excellence in ASEAN health care by 2025

Our Mission 

Northern Mindanao Medical Center is committed to:

  1. Provide the most comprehensive, accessible, efficient, affordable and quality health care.
  2. Integrate technological advances with compassionate, ethical best practices in patient care in a safe and secure environment.
  3. Be the lead partner of the DOH in its promotive, preventive and primary, secondary, tertiary health care programs.
  4. Be the advocate in multidisciplinary approach with patient participation.
  5. Become a self-reliant and economically viable institution.  

 General Objectives

  • To achieve good public image as a government hospital
  • To obtain economic viability

 Specific Objectives

  • To implement and sustain the Department of Health programs
  • To emphasize and practice total quality care in all service areas for patient satisfaction
  • To improve the financial system for economic viability that is ultimately geared towards fiscal autonomy
  • To complete Hospital Development Plan and maintain the existing facilities
  • To identify other source of funds and develop fund raising activities
  • To sustain other, programs and support groups for better service delivery