The Department exists primarily to serve the people of Region X and its neighboring places, thru the delivery of accessible, cost – effective, and quality pediatric care from qualified and competent physicians out of its Residency Training Program. It is committed to promote primary health care thru the preventive, promotive, curative , and rehabilitative aspects of pediatric practice, and critical pediatric care to infants, children, and adolescents in need. It aims to produce pediatricians who will care and treat with compassion and integrity; with developed teaching, leadership, and administrative skills; as well as investigative and critical thinking skills for research.


       The Department will be recognized as a premier Center for Wellness and Excellence in providing a holistic approach to health care service in the country .Aside from its leadership in  continuing pediatric education , research , and community programs ,its residency training will be Level  IV-accredited to answer the need for pediatric  specialists/sub specialists  of NMMC , the DOH , and the private  health sector thus ensuring optimum child  development , safety , protection , and survival  with excellent  patient satisfaction.